About Us

Company History

Nacional Brokers Lda was the first broker to register in Moçambique in the early privatisation phase in 1994. In the four year period preceding this, the Managing Director had been working in an unofficial capacity for various local companies.

During 1993/1994 the Insurance sector was finally privatized allowing Insurance Brokers to apply for licensing. Despite authorization we were only able to officially open our offices in February 1996.

During this period of time two Insurers were granted licenses and the market consisted of three Insurance companies and one Insurance Broker.

Professional Indemnity Insurances

We are currently insured at Lloyds’ through a local insurance company for this risk in excess of legal requirements.


We have a national client base but a stronger concentration of business and company management in the south of Moçambique.


Our company relies on a Microsoft system, which is networked to the main server for all of the following aspects of our business:

  • Quotations
  • Schedules
  • Closing instructions
  • Daily management and diary systems
  • Underwriting
  • Accounting and invoicing systems

Our internet service is via cable as we use this extensively for daily communication and it is the most reliable. We are able to access one of the Insurer’s underwriting and accounts systems to ensure that their documentation is correct.

Due to the unique nature of business in Mozambique it is not yet possible to operate on a single system.

Management and Shareholding

Nacional Brokers is an independent company with private shareholding.

The management team consists of:
Managing Director – Jeannette McHardy, (FCII) London.
Accounts and Human Resources – Amina Aboobakar.
Client Portfolio Management – Paula Silva.

The managing director has been with the company since initial operations commenced. Jeannette McHardy has worked in the insurance industry for twenty six years. She qualified as an FCII in 1986 whilst employed as an Account Executive in the Anglo Division of First Bowring (now Marsh).

We have twenty staff members who deal with clients allocated to their portfolio. They manage all aspects of the account including claims. All work is monitored by the Client Manager and the director on a daily basis. Technical audits are carried out on a monthly basis.

There is a lack of skilled staff in the local market as insurance was not considered a necessity for many years. As a result the insurance industry did not keep up to date with international trends and developments

Due to the difference in methods of insurance technology our staff is trained in-house and attends courses given by local offices of South African Insurers. The staff members have some South African insurance qualification and are also studying for IISA exams.

To further complement the services we offer our clients we make use of an international Risk Management Consultant for surveying and Risk Management as there are no companies with these necessary skills locally. If necessary, further technical assistance is provided by Willis/Gras Savoye.