What We Can Offer You

Technical Competency

The group manages the portfolio of each client differently and in accordance with the specific requirements of the client, taking into account the type of risk, nature of the business and management style.

In current times it is neither possible nor practical to cover each and every insurable risk. Upon appointment to consult to, or act as the Insurance Broker to a new client our management of the portfolio of risk is carried out in the following stages:

Assessment of Risk

In conjunction with the client’s personnel we will ascertain the following:

  • Valuation – correct and accurate valuations taking into account the market conditions at the time of assessment and for the period of insurance until date of renewal (normally 365 days). The possibility of currency fluctuations affecting the values is an important factor in the local market.
  • Evaluation of existing insurances – if the client has existing covers these would be evaluated taking the new insurance strategies into account. The effectiveness of the existing covers and the accuracy of the rates/premiums would be reported on.
  • Exposure – each sector has different risk factors to which their assets are exposed. The extent of exposure and the types of risks would be identified. In some instances we may utilise the services of a risk manager to assist in identifying risks and advise on how these risks could be managed.
  • Risk Retention – we would consider risks that the client would be able to retain for their own account and those that would have to be retained due to the fact that they may be uninsurable. Insurance requirement – insurable risks and possible “catastrophic” loss areas would be identified. A report to Insurers would be drafted in preparation for the quotation stage.

Negotiation of Terms

After carefully assessing the risk a report will be submitted to at least two Insurers as follows:

  • Client – a full report on the client detailing the risk and the situation thereof.
  • Types of covers – a request for the various options of cover that in our opinion would best suit the risk.
  • Deductibles – a request for quotations on varying levels of deductibles in order to ascertain the most suitable risk retention options for the assets and risks.

Once Insurers have submitted their terms and conditions we will assess and negotiate any aspects that are not of international insurance standard with the relevant Insurer.

Finalisation of findings

The final stage would be the submission of a report to the client detailing the following:

  • Various options of insurance terms and an opinion as to which may be the most suitable for the risk.
  • Various options of risk retention capped by insurance cover for any catastrophe losses that the client may not be in a position to fund.
  • Recommendations on risks that could be retained and should be managed.
  • Recommendations on the risk management aspects of the entire portfolio.
  • Conclusions.


We guarantee our clients support and assistance in the processing of their claims, providing the following:

  • Analysis of the claim
  • As soon as a claim has been reported to us we carry out a preliminary analysis. This includes the cause, circumstances and other details relevant to the policy cover. The assessment enables us to advise the client on the applicable cover.
  • Reporting/Information sent to Insurers
  • Once we have completed the analysis we send all relevant documents to the insurers as quickly as possible as most policies have stipulated reporting periods.
  • Assessments
  • In cases where it is necessary to carry out assessment we co-ordinate and arrange this between the Insurer and client in order to prevent any unnecessary delays. Court Summons
  • In instances where it is necessary to attend court hearings, we will coordinate the between the Insurer and client ensuring that the clients best interests are priority.

Claim Consultancy

We offer specialised technical expertise for claims in various classes of insurance. We have consulted to operations in various African countries providing technical advice and claims presentation. We also negotiate complex, sensitive and “political” claims on behalf of companies that are having difficulty in reaching resolution with Insurers.


The effective management of the asset portfolio and a sound balance of risk retention and insurance cover would reduce the current cost to the client. In our opinion it is equally important to implement and maintain a sound risk management program in order to minimise losses and ensure maximum effectiveness of the insurance covers. This should eventually contribute to further reducing costs as the program develops and becomes more effective.